Note that you can solve most task in any order!
Already solved ones are at the bottom of the table.

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Id Title Translations Solved Blessing
1Sum "A+B"DE ES FR AR ZH RO RU179401.00
2Sum in LoopDE ES FR AR ZH RO RU115081.77
3Sums in LoopDE ES FR AR ZH RO RU89382.21
4Minimum of TwoDE ES FR AR ZH RO RU77842.45
5Minimum of ThreeDE ES FR AR ZH RO RU69952.64
15Maximum of arrayDE ES AR ZH RO RU62692.83
6RoundingDE ES AR ZH RO RU57222.98
7Fahrenheit to CelsiusDE ES AR ZH RO RU53313.11
20Vowel CountDE ES AR ZH RO RU45313.39
41Median of ThreeDE AR ZH RO RU40243.60
11Sum of digitsES RU39483.63
28Body Mass IndexDE ZH RU39023.65
43Dice RollingDE ZH RU35863.80
13Weighted sum of digitsES RU35623.81
8Arithmetic ProgressionES RU35023.84
16Average of an arrayES RU33783.90
9TrianglesES RU33353.92
17Array ChecksumES RU31104.04
30Reverse StringRU29794.12
21Array CountersES RU29544.13
48Collatz SequenceRU26654.31
14Modular CalculatorES24414.46
12Modulo and time differenceES RU23654.52
10Linear FunctionES RU23474.53
27Bubble SortRU22354.62
26Greatest Common DivisorRU20024.81
29Sort with IndexesRU18084.99
23Bubble in ArrayRU17175.08
67Fibonacci SequenceRU16785.12
18Square RootES RU16755.12
24Neumann's Random GeneratorDE RU16585.14
50PalindromesDE RU16355.16
57Smoothing the WeatherRU15685.23
31Rotate StringRU15615.24
52Pythagorean TheoremRU14765.34
68Bicycle RaceRU14525.37
32Josephus ProblemRU13545.49
35Savings Calculator12485.63
25Linear Congruential GeneratorRU12305.65
81Bit CountRU12285.66
44Double Dice RollRU12195.67
47Caesar Shift Cipher11625.75
19Matching BracketsES RU11455.78
55Matching Words11035.84
104Triangle Area10795.88
49Rock Paper Scissors10575.92
61Prime Numbers GenerationRU10245.97
58Card Names10106.00
59Bulls and Cows9256.15
94Fool's Day 20149116.18
22Two PrintersRU8736.25
128Combinations Counting8346.33
42Blackjack Counting7866.43
33Parity ControlRU7676.47
34Binary Search7586.49
38Quadratic Equation7396.54
120Selection Sort7156.60
53King and Queen6896.66
45Cards Shuffling6426.78
63Integer Factorization5906.93
72Funny Words Generator5726.98
37Mortgage Calculator5617.02
69Fibonacci Divisibility5567.03
121Insertion Sort4817.28
39Share Price Volatility4777.30
62Prime Ranges4627.35
134Flying Text Screensaver4487.41
114Tricky Printing4227.51
75Yacht or Dice Poker4217.51
74Clock Hands3787.70
36Code Guesser3767.71
73Hexagonal Grid3407.88
156Luhn Algorithm3377.90
54Pythagorean Triples3247.97
80Duel Chances3247.97
171Tree Height Measurement3227.98
116Summing Up3158.02
51Dungeons and Dragons Dice2988.11
97Girls and Pigs2898.17
135Variable Length Code2778.24
105Convex Polygon Area2688.30
70Most Frequent Word2608.35
66Caesar Cipher Cracker2598.36
85Rotation in 2D Space2598.36
172Cloud Altitude Measurement2548.39
56Life is Simple2488.43
40Paths in the Grid2398.49
98Azimuth at Treasure Island2398.49
145Modular Exponentiation2268.59
87Tree Builder2208.64
77Point to Segment Distance2088.73
86Brainfuck Interpreter2058.76
119Brain Fibo1968.84
82Levenshtein Distance1958.85
181Reverse Polish Notation1948.86
187Static Web Page1948.86
188Basics of HTML1898.90
60Sweet Harvest1888.91
88Pitch and Notes1868.93
64Maze Pathfinder1779.01
91Game of 20481739.05
95Simple Linear Regression1689.10
71Fibonacci Divisibility Advanced1589.21
92Binary Heap1579.22
176Say 1001569.23
101Gradient Calculation1559.24
126Sequence of Squares1499.31
83Graph Generator1489.32
90Lexicographic Permutations1469.35
89Instrument Tuner1439.38
79Cycles Detection1419.41
131Four Pics One Word1359.48
150Introducing Regexps1349.49
117Divide by Two1339.51
108Star Medals1319.53
78Bezier Curves1299.56
65Transitive Closure on Candy States1279.59
143Extended Euclidean Algorithm1279.59
195Mul Two1259.61
167Copy Line1239.64
189Dynamic Web Page1229.66
207Suffix Array1179.73
99Uphill Shooting1109.83
136Variable Length Code Unpack1109.83
154Breadth First Search1069.90
191Spaceship Weight Fraud1029.96
84Dijkstra in the Network9910.02
170Binary Search in Array9910.02
211Information Entropy9710.05
103Easter Eggs9510.09
155Depth First Search9410.10
197Loops in Assembly9210.14
96Snake Arcade9010.18
76Pawn Move Validator8810.22
93Starving Priority Queue8810.22
133Billiard Ball8810.22
161Topological Sorting8410.30
144Modular Inverse8210.34
109Lucky Tickets8010.38
123Knapsack of Integers8010.38
165Safe Landing8010.38
190Query String Parameters8010.38
140Proper Bracket Sequences7610.47
206Base-32 Encoding7610.47
129Enumerating Combinations7310.54
138Huffman Coding7010.61
146Color Cubes7010.61
130Combinations with Repetitions6710.69
151Word Ladders6710.69
174Calculation of Pi6610.71
110Lucky Tickets Advanced6310.79
137Shannon-Fano Coding5910.90
164Page Rank5910.90
168Caesar meets BF5610.99
173Chords of Music5411.05
139Beam Balance and Masses5311.09
106Random Search Optimization5111.15
160Social Web Scraper5111.15
184Matches Picking5111.15
111Necklace Count5011.19
148Public Key Cryptography Intro5011.19
152RSA Cryptography5011.19
177Nim Game4911.22
194Convex Hull and Farmers4911.22
124Knapsack Backtracking4811.25
102Travelling Salesman4711.29
198Prn Hex Str4711.29
199Employees Web App4711.29
201Point in Polygon4711.29
100Crossing the Road4511.36
159Hard Life4411.40
162Rubik's Cube4411.40
192Gangster Battles4311.44
208Neighborhood of a String4311.44
179Look and Say binary3911.61
158Hamming Codes3811.65
196Fibonacci Randomizer3811.65
112Travelling Salesman Inverted3711.70
157Emirp primE3711.70
185Simple 3D Scene3711.70
182Frodo and Black Riders3511.79
115Gradient Descent for SLE3411.84
142LZ77 decompression3311.89
202Dancing Pairs3311.89
141Sliding Window Search3211.94
113Ground Zero3012.05
153Fermat goes hacking RSA3012.05
163Colliding Balls3012.05
132Stream Cipher Breaking2912.11
210Ticket Puzzle2912.11
107Knight's Tour2812.17
186Simple 3D Scene (cont)2812.17
166Page Rank as Eigenvector2712.23
175Algae Robot2712.23
149Prime Chains2612.29
193Maximum Flow2612.29
147Color Cubes Advanced2512.36
200Fizz Buzz in Asm2512.36
203Tic-Tac-Toe Minimax Algorithm2412.42
118Maxit Single-Player2112.65
205Clustering the Stars2112.65
212BCD to Hex2012.73
209Suffix Array Advanced1912.81
178Maze of the Wumpus1812.90
180Simple Game of Sticks1712.99
204Wandering Star1712.99
183Connect Four1413.31
169Automated Landing1113.70