Fizz Buzz in Asm

Problem #200

Tags: assembly ascii

Who solved this?

Our colleague Ashish Padalkar suggested that we should have famous Fizz-Buzz in some form - so here it comes!

This exercise on Intel 4004 Assembly language could be solved with the knowledge you already have, but probably information about few Special Instructions could help to reduce the efforts and code size (so it would be wise to read this article).

Problem Statement

FizzBuzz program probably came to fame after an article Why can't programmers program which stated that of many applicants at programming job interviews only few can code this simple task:

You are to print numbers from 1 to N, but instead of numbers which are multiples of 3 the word Fizz should be printed - and instead of multiples of 5 - the word Buzz. If value is the multiple of both - print FizzBuzz instead.

So your goal is to write this in Intel 4004 Assembly language.

Input data consist of a single two-digit decimal N in range from 01 to 99.
Answer should give the sequence as described. All integers should be two-digit decimals also and every element should be followed by single space (the last leading space is allowed).


input data:   02
answer:       01 02

input data:   16
answer:       01 02 Fizz 04 Buzz Fizz 07 08 Fizz Buzz 11 Fizz 13 14 FizzBuzz 16
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