Cloud Altitude Measurement

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measuring altitude of the cloud

Supposing you have already learned Tree Height Measurement, let us discuss more interesting task. It could arose in two cases:

We nevertheless can solve this puzzle! Look at the picture above - we need to make angle measurement twice (instead of once) from two different points, and also measure distance between them. E.g. we choose two points (on the same line with the tree or cloud) and take angles A and B from them. We could not measure distance D2 (either because it is over the river, or because an object have no vertical "trunk"), but we measure D1 instead. Now we get the two equations involving two tangents instead of one:

H   =   tan(B) * D2
H   =   tan(A) * (D1 + D2)   =   tan(A) * D1  +  tan(A) * D2

Now it should be easy for you to exclude unknown D2 and calculate the height!

Of course in real case it becomes bit more tricky since while you run distance between two points, the cloud can move so it is better to have two observers performing synchronized measurements. Also for large clouds it is important to choose a single point to aim both times.

Input data will contain the amount of clouds (or aircrafts) we are curious about.
Each line describes D1, A and B for a single cloud.
Answer should contain altitudes of the objects, rounded to nearest integer.


input data:
1859 23.7740 53.8740
1721 34.2290 68.1863
1512 26.0048 53.1380

1207 1609 1163
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