Divide by Two

Problem #117

Tags: brainfuck

Who solved this?

The language is called Turing-complete if it allows any possible program to be written (at least hypotetically).

Brainfuck belongs to this class of languages. However this do not mean there are simple ways to write simple programs :)

As an example we'll try to solve the following problem:

Write Brainfuck++ program which inputs number and divides it by two.

As a hint think of the simple loop:


it allows you to decrement the value of the current cell to 0, possibly performing some additional operations (we have already used it to sum and copy values). You should add to this loop some code which behaves differently on even and odd operations. As an example you can thing of the expression like this:

x = 1 - x   # it is an assignment, not equality

after execution x becomes 1 if it was 0 and vice versa.

Input data will contain an integer value N. Note: testing will be performed with values different from which was generated for you as an example.

Answer should contain the quotient and remainder of division this value by two, i.e. N/2 and N%2.


input data:

6 1
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