Knapsack Backtracking

Problem #124

Tags: dynamic-programming arrays

Who solved this?

In the Knapsack of Integers we have learnt how to calculate the maximum value of items which could be collected in a knapsack with limited total weight.

But what should be these items? The algorithm, as it was described, does not return their indices!

So here is an evolution of the task. Write the same program, but extend it in such a way that the indices of the chosen items are returned. Solution should not be greatly changed - you only need to backtrack through the matrix which stores the intermediate results of your dynamic programming approach - from dp[Wmax][N] to zero.

Hint: You can prefer to add some flags to matrix values while calculating it - but it is not necessary.

Input data will contain amount of items N on the first line.
Next line will have the maximum allowed capacity Wmax of the knapsack.
Then there would be N lines each with two values - w[i] and v[i].
Answer should have a list of indices - 0-based labels of items to be placed into knapsack. You may output them in any order and if several solutions are possible - any will do.


input data:
11 29
18 48
25 75
15 43
26 42
29 82

1 2 3

Here the answer tells us to choose the items with total weight 18 + 25 + 15 = 58 and value 48 + 75 + 43 = 166.

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