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Problem #35

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Joel wants to buy a boat which costs $10000. However, he currently has only $1000. One of the ways to increase money is to put them into bank account and wait. For example, if account is incresed by 8% each year:

year     money
  0       1000
  1       1080
  2       1166.4
  3       1259.71
  4       1360.48
  5       1469.31
  6       1586.85
 29       9316.82
 30      10062.16

then Joel can grow his money in 30 years. Moreover, if account is increased not annually but monthly (with the same interest rate of 8% per year) then the sum will be collected in only 29 years! Quite funny :)

In this task you need to help Joel to calculate how many years he need to wait depending on given starting amount of money S, required sum R and bank's interest rate P. At the end of each year account is increased and rounded down to whole cents (as in example above).

Input data contain number of test-cases in the first line.
Each of the following lines contain three numbers S, R and P.
Answer should contain number of years to wait for each case, separated by spaces.


input data:
1000 10000 8
50 100 25

30 4
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