NOTE: I'm very sorry to announce that for now we stopped awarding certificates because too many people spoiled solutions of the problems to internet. Currently I'm thinking of idea of a new, open-source version of the site, in which, I hope, we'll be able to eliminate plagiarism somehow. Supposedly, accounts would be migrated and then we'll be able to assign automatic certificates to everyone who deserved them.

For certain achievements you can be awarded with Certificate which will be presented in electronic form and also could be sent to you in paper via postal service.

Please note that certification is completely FREE of charge. But do not try to cheat or purchase our certificates from 3rd parties and persons (see "revoking" section below). Note that currently our certificates do not give any official priveleges so cheating is at least stupid :)

An example of certificate

How to get certificate

1. Post your request at dedicated forum. Something like "My name is John Doe, I confirm that I solved problems myself so I demand for certificate".
2. Do not forget to tell your name (to put it on the certificate).
3. Wait a bit for other people to review your solutions (sadly we do not like cheaters) - this may take few days.
4. You may also notify admin by e-mail or FB

Certificates are not awarded automatically simply because I usually do not know your name! (And also I may want to have a glance at your solutions, etc.)

Of course I'll try my best and attempt to guess what name to put onto the certificate, but you will save me from mistakes if you write as soon as possible. Thank you in advance! :)

Electronic and Paper

Certificates are given in 2 forms:

  1. It is shown on the dedicated page like this - and is listed in user's profile under Awards - if you click image here, you can download hi-res printable copy to hang it on the wall.
  2. Printed copy (also for hanging on the wall) could be sent by conventional postal service - you only need to tell me your postal address and I'll take care of the rest.

Certificate could be verified by its number on the special page - so that your friends, colleagues, teachers or bosses can check themselves that your certificate is not forged.

Revoking certificate

I hope there would not be such problems. But please know that in case of some discovered cheating your certificate could be revoked - i.e. it will disappear from your profile page and certificate check page will not confirm existence of its number.

Certificate types

There is a limited amount of certificates of each type. Any of them could be prolonged or superseded by some new type. This is because site is growing slowly and new problems are added so, for example, solving 125 problems now could be harder than year after (when some more problems are added and some simple among them). Also this will allow us to change the design of certificates between versions to have more fun.

Currently here are only two types of certificates:

  1. Certificate of Bishop is awarded for solving at least 125 problems.
  2. Thanks for Donation is a sign of appreciation for people making money donations you may see example below.

An example of "Thanks for Donation"