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Solving Loops in Assembly first may help you to prepare for this problem better.

Let us now learn extensions for working with console which our emulator provides. Please note that such input-output operations are dependent on specific hardware implementation (i.e. how Intel 4004 CPU and other chips are connected to keyboard and display, types of these peripherals etc) - so if you ever get real device with c4004 inside, you should not expect these extensions to work in the same way.

So we have two of them:

I.e. if we write a simple program:

jms $3f0
jms $3e0
jun loop

It will copy data from standard input to standard output without termination.

Problem statement

The goal is to write a program which:

What we'll see in r2:r3 after reading a character? It is 8-bit ASCII-code - for example it would be $21 for "!", $30 for "0" and $41 for "A" (their decimal values are 33, 48 and 65).

So for each char you read, you need to convert its higher and lower nibbles (values of r2 and r3) into code of respective character from set 0123456789ABCDEF, load this code into the same pair again and call print. You may stop when you read a character whith higher nibble equal to 0 (it is either new-line with code $0A or carriage-return with code $0D).

Note that for this problem input is not given as sequence of 16 digits as for previous tasks, so it is not regarded as initial states of registers and instead is simply used to feed your program from virtual console.

Your solution should be a valid source for Intel 4004 emulator!

Input would be short text string.
Output should contain hex codes of the characters of the string.


input:    A0!
output:   413021

input:    Hi, People
output:   48692C2050656F706C65
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