Transitive Closure on Candy States

Problem #65

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Sweet Country consists of several Candy States. You are given the list of the roads existing between these states and now you want to improve logistics to deliver candies faster!

Your task is for any pair of statest to find the route with minimal number of roads and tell this number. For example if Carnival is connected to Maycorn and this is connected to Bawnty, then route from Carnival to Bawnty consists of 2 roads.

You may want to build a transitive closure over the states map. For example with Floyd-Warshall algorithm.

Input data will contain:

Answer should have lengths of routes, separated by spaces, or value 10000000 if no route exists between the given states.


input data:
Cowsome - Honepy
Bawnty - Cowsome
Lacry - Bawnty
Honepy - Maycorn
Maycorn - Bawnty
Mikliday - Cowsome
Mausse - Lednec
Maycorn - Mausse
Bawnty - Mausse
Mikliday - Maycorn
Lednec - Maycorn
Cowsome - Mausse
Lacry - Honepy
Bawnty - Honepy
Mikliday - Mausse
Honepy - Lednec
Mikliday - Lacry

2 3 2 2 2 3
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