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After you learned how to create Dynamic Web Page and use Query String Parameters the last cornerstone thing for creating web-applications is to find out how to preserve the state on the server.

Let us regard a simple example - the page which lists employees of a company and allows adding new ones. It should work like following:

Here is an example - it also includes small form, so that you can just enter names and click buttons instead of typing parameters manually (but you still can see parameters in the address line). You should see that after adding a name the updated state of the list is preserved for future visitors.

Where to store data on a server?

Most hosting providers will allow you two general options:

This exercise allows you to use any of these options. Just make your page accept query parameters name and kill - and make it list employees as described above.

Please make your page list employees using unordered list - i.e. tags ul and li, for example:

    <li>Benjamin Franklin</li>
    <li>George Washington</li>
    <li>Abraham Lincoln</li>
    <li>Theodore Roosevelt</li>

We are going to test your list by presense of such list with such tags. Names should follow in the same order they were added.

Note that you are not required to add any form to your page. My example has it only for convenience. Adding any caption, title, head etc. is also optional.

Input data will contain the name of the founder (person who should appear in a list when it is cleared).
Answer should provide url of your page (without parameters) so our service can test it. Make sure it starts with "http://" prefix.


input data:
Mr Scrooge


The checker will test that given page could respond properly to the following requests:



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