Average of an array

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Tags: arithmetic loops

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Important branch of mathematics which heavily uses programming is statistics - i.e. calculation of characteristics for some data. (Just think of statistics of visitors / pageviews of the web-site etc.) Learning this discipline is usually started from acquaintance with an average value.

Average (or mean) value of some numbers could be calculated as their sum divided by their amount. For example:

avg(2, 3, 7) = (2 + 3 + 7) / 3 = 4
avg(20, 10) = (20 + 10) / 2 = 15

You will be given several arrays, for each of which you are to find an average value.

Input data will give the number of test-cases in the first line.
Then test-cases themselves will follow, one case per line.
Each test-case describes an array of positive integers with value of 0 marking end. (this zero should not be included into calculations!!!).
Answer should contain average values for each array, rounded to nearest integer (see task on rounding), separated by spaces.


input data:
2 3 7 0
20 10 0
1 0

4 15 1
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