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transport tickets with 6-digit numbers (USSR)
Old tickets (perhaps from USSR times) with 6-digit numbers

When I travel over the city by public transport, I get the ticket which usually contains 6-digit number and start trying to build an arithmetic expression from this number according to following rules:

For example, yesterday it was number 151374 which could be solved in several ways:

1 + (5 + 1 + 3) * (7 + 4)  =  100
(1 * 5) + (13 * 7) + 4  =  100

If ever I could not come up with solution I wonder, whether it is really not possible or I am just not smart enough. So let us write the program to help checking this out. We will try to solve this for different target values, not necessarily for 100.

Few restrictions: - let us agree that division could be used only if the first value is divisible by the second; - please surround every binary operation by brackets to avoid priority issues (and help checking your expression) - i.e. expression with 5 operators should have 5 opening and 5 closing brackets; - unary minus operation is not allowed, though intermediate results inside expression could be negative.

Input data will contain amount of test cases in the first line.
Next lines will contain test cases - the ticket number and the "target" value (separated by equals sign).
Answer should contain proposed expression for each test case. If there is no solution - output zero. Separate answers with spaces (but do not use spaces inside expression).


input data:

answer: (1+((5+1)+3)*(7+4)) (256-128) ((((5*7)*7)-97)+6) 0 (((7-6)*74)+94)
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