Tricky Printing

Problem #114

Tags: brainfuck simple

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To print 25 in Brainfuck++ we can use the following code:

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ :

Note: our version of Brainfuck uses two additional commands : and ; to print and input cell value as decimal.

It has 26 commands. Your task is to print 25 (or another value you will be given) using less commands. However you could not print two digits separately:

++ : +++++ :

Because they will be separated with space.

You will be given a decimal value to print out. Your task is to provide valid Brainfuck code which prints this value. However your code should have less commands than this value.

Input data will contain a single decimal value between 25 and 90.
Answer - you can enter anything, for example the same value.
Solution - should contain the required Brainfuck++ code (unlike with other problems it would be checked).

Important: input is detached from the checker in this problem, so the solution like ";:" will not be accepted.
So your program should input nothing and just print out the required value.

No example is given with this statement because otherwise it would be too generous hint :)

You can use button "Brainfuck" below to run the code in source text area and see the result in answer field.

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