Note that you can solve most task in any order!
Already solved ones are at the bottom of the table.

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Id Title Translations Solved Blessing
24Neumann's Random GeneratorDE RU15545.12
19Matching BracketsES RU10535.80
104Triangle Area9975.89
94Fool's Day 20148506.17
22Two PrintersRU7956.28
69Fibonacci Divisibility5187.03
37Mortgage Calculator5177.03
62Prime Ranges4177.40
36Code Guesser3377.77
54Pythagorean Triples3017.97
51Dungeons and Dragons Dice2718.15
97Girls and Pigs2608.22
70Most Frequent Word2408.36
66Caesar Cipher Cracker2358.40
145Modular Exponentiation2138.57
71Fibonacci Divisibility Advanced1449.24
89Instrument Tuner1379.33
90Lexicographic Permutations1369.34
131Four Pics One Word1309.42
150Introducing Regexps1299.43
108Star Medals1289.45
103Easter Eggs9010.05
140Proper Bracket Sequences7010.48
129Enumerating Combinations6810.53
130Combinations with Repetitions6410.64
151Word Ladders6210.69
110Lucky Tickets Advanced6010.75
168Caesar meets BF5410.93
173Chords of Music5310.96
139Beam Balance and Masses5210.99
111Necklace Count4911.09
102Travelling Salesman4411.28
100Crossing the Road4311.31
159Hard Life4111.40
192Gangster Battles4111.40
179Look and Say binary3711.57
157Emirp primE3411.71
210Ticket Puzzle2812.04
107Knight's Tour2612.16
149Prime Chains2512.23
175Algae Robot2412.30
209Suffix Array Advanced1912.68
178Maze of the Wumpus1812.77
180Simple Game of Sticks1712.87