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This problem is the first in a short series which is dedicated to creating your own web-pages. Next one is Basics of HTML.

To start you need to choose some web-hosting (I suppose, free one) where you will create your stuff. If you do not know much about it, please refer to hosting choice instruction and note links to manuals on using two of them there (CgiWebHost and PythonAnywhere) - this could be helpful.

Now the first task would be just to learn how to register at your chosen hosting, create your site and upload a single file there. I recommend it to have .txt extension since it has no special markup.

In the input data below you will see a "secret value" - you will use it in your file (so that we can check your success). The content should be exactly like this:

Secret value is ########

Where instead hashes the requested number is following.

Input data will contain a secret value (integer).
Answer should contain full url of the page you uploaded.


input data:


If you visit you'll see how your own "page" should look like.

P.S. Please enter anything you like into "Solution" textarea (copy of the URL would be ok), surely it does not have much sense for this problem, but the site is capricious to not have it empty. Sorry!

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