Rodion Gorkovenko - author of the text

Project is developed by Rodion Gorkovenko. You can contact me via:


Want to help us?

There are several ways to help in development, support and promotion of CodeAbbey:

  1. Suggesting ideas for new problems (your name would be mentioned as author at the problem page).
  2. Spreading word about CodeAbbey - in blogs, articles or sites like StackOverflow or Reddit.
  3. Establishing relations with teachers, schools, colleges and universities - since our site is educational we are really interested to use it in educational processes :)
  4. Creating youtube demos explaining how to use the site (probably in your native language).
  5. Translating problems into other languages (this is yet to be discussed).
  6. At last - donating money - currently all expenses are covered by us, but if you feel inclined to share a sum of $10...$50 - check this page.