Suggest a Problem

If you feel you know some funny problem and you want it to be added to our site - you are greatly welcomed!

Below you may read a few guidelines and considerations.

  1. Even problem idea could be enough - it is not necessary to provide precise problem statement, checking code or example of solution. We can do it for you (if we understand the problem, of course).
  2. Preserve your authorship - we would be glad to place a link to your personal page, site or facebook profile along with the problem statement so that users know who is the author.
  3. Supplying problem statement - if you really want it, you can write the problem statement yourself and ask to put it with as least changes as possible. You even may use Markdown format (in which statements are stored). However please take care of providing explanations on input data and expected answer with addition of some example.
  4. Problem types - different types of problems are welcome. You see one of them are for real beginners, others could be about geometry of physics, third could be of puzzle kind. Also you can invent problems for Challenges, i.e. not expecting some exact answer.
  5. Technical limitations - currently it is up to us to write the checker for your problem - a piece of code which tests user's answer for correctness. Currently it is done in PHP so it is not always easy to create some very cunning, elaborate or resource-consuming checkers.
  6. Additional features - to help people understand your problem or to attract attention to it we can try adding small enhancements to it:
    • small drawings in SVG format or small raster images hosted outside (though SVG is preferred);
    • small javascript demos - the code is embedded into the problem statement so here are few technical limitations;
    • additional wiki articles - if your problem statement requires some lengthy explanation.

Feel free to ask more or suggest ideas via any of contacts.