Most of the problems on this site are scored "binary" - i.e. they are either solved by you or not. Consequently you either get the full score for it or nothing.

However, few problems are of different kind. They have a Challenge attached to it, which can award you the bonus points.

Here are two examples of these: Color Cubes Advanced is about playing a well known game and Brain Fibo asks you to optimize Brainfuck code.

Such problems allow to submit many answers or solutions of different "quality" (and the goal is to find the most optimal, of course).

The answer is assessed with value in range from 0.0 to 1.0 (the formula for assessment is given with problem statement). Participants are ordered in the challenge results ranking according to this score.

After that they are awarded bonus points to their Enlightenment which are calculated depending on the position in the challenge ranking:

bonusPoints = 7 * EXP((1 - position) / 16)

E.g. the first place gives you 7 bonus points, the second about 6.5 and so on, exponentially decreasing to 0.

This allows participants who solved the same set of tasks to try and break "ties" between them.

Note that if the task has a challenge, the solutions of other people could not be viewed (otherwise the challenge will have no sense at all).