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Probably you either know about Fibonacci sequence:

An example starting with initial values of 0 and 1 produces the following:

0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 ...

Here is a small challenge for you - implement this algorithm in Brainfuck. We believe it would be a simple exercise and almost all who try it will be able to game the same or similarly high score!

Please note that stack operations are disabled for this problem - otherwise it would be less "challenging", you see :)

Input data will contain three values N, f0, f1 - the amount of elements to generate to two initial members.
Answer should give precisely N values of the sequence.


input data:
5 1 3

4 7 11 18 29

You may safely assume that none of input values will exceed 15 and that f0 < f1.

Challenge result is assessed by the following formula:

$len = length(your_solution)
$score = (45 - $len) / 20

"Length of your code" counts only commands, so you may put any amount of comments and spaces freely. So you'll get 0.0 score for solution of 45 commands and 1.0 score for solution of 25 commands.

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