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Id Title Translations Solved Blessing
28Body Mass IndexDE ZH RU50343.73
12Modulo and time differenceES RU32344.50
35Savings Calculator16785.64
25Linear Congruential GeneratorRU16695.65
37Mortgage Calculator7497.04
171Tree Height Measurement4537.91
105Convex Polygon Area3578.32
172Cloud Altitude Measurement3478.37
85Rotation in 2D Space3348.44
181Reverse Polish Notation2488.95
187Static Web Page2448.98
189Dynamic Web Page1549.78
207Suffix Array1539.79
170Binary Search in Array12210.18
190Query String Parameters9810.55
106Random Search Optimization6911.16
199Employees Web App6111.37
204Wandering Star2712.75