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Already solved ones are at the bottom of the table.

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Id Title Translations Solved Blessing
134Flying Text Screensaver5457.46
75Yacht or Dice Poker5237.53
135Variable Length Code3408.27
86Brainfuck Interpreter2528.79
77Point to Segment Distance2478.83
188Basics of HTML2209.03
91Game of 20482189.04
136Variable Length Code Unpack1419.80
76Pawn Move Validator11610.13
96Snake Arcade11510.15
155Depth First Search10710.27
174Calculation of Pi8710.63
146Color Cubes8510.67
162Rubik's Cube5511.41
185Simple 3D Scene4511.75
186Simple 3D Scene (cont)3712.09
210Ticket Puzzle3712.09