Summing Up

Problem #116

Tags: brainfuck simple

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It is easy to sum two numbers in Brainfuck, for example by code like this:

;>;        input two numbers into cells 0 and 1
[          while the number in the cell 1 is not zero
    -      decrement cell 1
    <      shift to cell 0
    +      increment cell 0
    >      shift back to cell 1
<:         shift to cell 0 and print the result

This task is only a bit more tricky. You need not only to get the sum of two values, but also keep these values. More exactly:

Please note that stack operations are not enabled for this task. Otherwise it would be too trivial! :)

Input data has two values A and B in the single line.
Output should have the sum A+B printed into it.
Additionally after the stop the program should have values A, B, A+B in the cells 0, 1 and 2 respectively.

This problem is not that important by itself, but it shows quite important trick which may be used in building up more complicated programs in future.

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