Easter Eggs

Problem #103

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Who solved this?

Brother Thomas do not believe in miracles. Instead he likes eating much food. :)

To celebrate the Easter he boiled 20 eggs, then put them in a straight line before him on the table, preparing to have his breakfast.

Suddenly some of the eggs, which were initially white, become red!!! (surely it was a kind of friendly joke from Providence, to convince the monk that miracles can really happen)

Moreover, puzzled Thomas have discovered that whenever he touches any of the eggs, it instantly changes its color, toggling from red to white or back. In addition each egg being touched changes the color of several other eggs.

Learning out which changes in colors are performed by touching each of the eggs, brother Tomas is interested, how he can turn them all back to white.

For example, suppose he has the following sequence of eggs on the table:

Red Red White White White Red

And he discovered the following rules (eggs are numbered from the left, starting with 0):

0-th egg toggles itself and 5-th
1-st egg toggles itself and 2-nd and 4-th
2-nd egg toggles itself and 1-st and 5-th
3-th egg toggles itself and 0-th and 1-st
4-th egg toggles itself and 0-th and 1-st
5-th egg toggles itself and 4-th

So touching 1-st, 2-nd and 4-th eggs will turn them all to white.

Input data will describe 20 eggs with values 1 for red or 0 for white.
Next 20 lines will contain the number of the egg being touched and then, after a colon, numbers of the eggs being toggled by touching the given one.
Answer should contain numbers of the eggs, which, if touched, will turn all eggs to white.

Example (with only 6 eggs instead of 20 for simplicity):

input data:
1 0 1 0 1 1
0: 0 5
1: 1 4
2: 2 4
3: 2 3 5
4: 1 4
5: 2 3 5

0 2
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