Note that you can solve most task in any order!
Already solved ones are at the bottom of the table.

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Id Title Translations Solved Blessing
43Dice RollingDE ZH RU39513.81
44Double Dice RollRU13725.65
49Rock Paper Scissors11565.94
58Card Names11106.01
59Bulls and Cows10116.18
42Blackjack Counting8676.44
53King and Queen7656.66
45Cards Shuffling7146.78
75Yacht or Dice Poker4557.56
36Code Guesser4127.73
73Hexagonal Grid3657.94
51Dungeons and Dragons Dice3218.16
56Life is Simple2748.44
64Maze Pathfinder1949.04
91Game of 20481949.04
99Uphill Shooting1179.91
103Easter Eggs10510.09
96Snake Arcade10210.14
133Billiard Ball9910.20
76Pawn Move Validator9810.21
146Color Cubes7210.74
151Word Ladders7110.77
184Matches Picking5511.20
177Nim Game4911.40
100Crossing the Road4811.44
162Rubik's Cube4811.44
159Hard Life4511.54
185Simple 3D Scene4011.74
186Simple 3D Scene (cont)3112.18
203Tic-Tac-Toe Minimax Algorithm3112.18
163Colliding Balls3012.23
147Color Cubes Advanced2612.47
118Maxit Single-Player2512.54
180Simple Game of Sticks2012.91
178Maze of the Wumpus1813.08
183Connect Four1413.49