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Already solved ones are at the bottom of the table.

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Id Title Translations Solved Blessing
8Arithmetic ProgressionES RU48933.78
10Linear FunctionES RU32754.48
18Square RootES RU23175.08
68Bicycle RaceRU19005.42
35Savings Calculator16785.64
61Prime Numbers GenerationRU13236.05
38Quadratic Equation10016.53
34Binary Search9776.58
63Integer Factorization7826.96
37Mortgage Calculator7497.04
69Fibonacci Divisibility7327.08
62Prime Ranges6397.31
39Share Price Volatility6367.32
54Pythagorean Triples4258.02
80Duel Chances4178.05
51Dungeons and Dragons Dice3828.20
97Girls and Pigs3718.25
66Caesar Cipher Cracker3228.50
145Modular Exponentiation2868.71
77Point to Segment Distance2618.86
88Pitch and Notes2548.91
119Brain Fibo2419.00
95Simple Linear Regression2179.18
71Fibonacci Divisibility Advanced1969.36
101Gradient Calculation1949.38
89Instrument Tuner1889.43
126Sequence of Squares1839.48
108Star Medals1729.58
211Information Entropy1379.98
103Easter Eggs12210.18
144Modular Inverse10110.50
164Page Rank7610.99
152RSA Cryptography7011.13
111Necklace Count6311.31
157Emirp primE4611.85
115Gradient Descent for SLE4511.89
113Ground Zero4112.04
166Page Rank as Eigenvector3812.17
175Algae Robot3712.22