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For any type of card game it is important to be able to shuffle the deck. Since only few of the programming languages have built-in functions to randomly shuffle an array (like PHP) it is necessary to learn some useful algorithm.

Let us agree to use the following symbols to describe cards:

ranks: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, T, J, Q, K
suits: C, D, H, S

so that CQ is the "Queen of Clubs", HT is the "Ten of Hearts", D2 is the "Two of Diamonds" and SA is the "Ace of Spades".

There are 52 cards in total, so they should be put into an array of 52 elements before shuffling. Initial ordering of the array is the following: 13 cards of Clubs, then 13 cards of Diamonds, then 13 cards of Hearts and at last 13 cards of Spades. Inside of each suit cards are arranged from Ace to King, so the whole deck looks like:

[ CA, C2, C3, ..., CQ, CK, DA, D2, ..., DK, HA, H2, ..., HK, SA, S2, ..., SK ]

Then you should for each card generate some random number in the range 0 ... 51 and swap this card with another, occupying the selected position (let indexes of array start from 0). This may look like:

FOR i = 0 ... 51 :
    LET j = RANDOM(0 ... 51)
    SWAP deck[i] WITH deck[j]

For example, we take the first card CA and generate random value 15 for it - this means that card should be moved to position 15, where D3 was - and D3 should be moved back to position 0. Then we take C2 from the position 1 and generate next random number 50 - so C2 is swapped with SQ. And so on.

You will be given the sequence of non-negative integer random numbers - if they are greater than necessary, trim them to required range by taking modulo 52, like in the Double Dice Roll task. Perform the shuffling and print the new order of cards as an answer.

Input data will contain 52 non-negative integer numbers, which you should use to shuffle the deck as described.
Answer should contain cards from shuffled array, separated with spaces.

Example (long lines wrapped):

input data:
5814 1316 2080 2712 0 647 8098 315 44 6354 7867 100 61 763 6731 685 42 9309 569 92 701 562
        85 8311 698 220 929 71 684 518 113 61 19 168 745 16 655 9548 6018 2686 25 785 81 721
        964 85 44 614 4 509 8708 19

C5 D5 S4 C8 CQ S3 HK C9 H3 H6 D3 ST DT HT C6 CK DA H9 SJ SK DK C2 DQ S5 H4 D7 S7 S2 C4 D9 CT
        HJ HQ D2 SA CA H5 H2 C7 D4 CJ D6 S9 HA S8 D8 S6 SQ C3 DJ H8 H7
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