Maze of the Wumpus

Problem #178

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Please read about interactive problems if you are not acquainted with them.

The Wumpus is a mysterious monster of yore. I can't tell you how it looks like - and no one can. No one of those who saw it have ever returned to tell about it.

The game Hunt the Wumpus is one of the oldest computer games and have many variations. You can still play one of them if your machine runs Ubuntu (or other unix-like OS) - it exists in the package bsd-games.

In this problem you are hired by International Wildlife Conservation Organization to help in study of the life of the Wumpus. So you will not be allowed to kill it.

Nevertheless, you are deployed in a maze where this horrible creature lives and you have two goals:

Besides the Wumpus our maze also have several pits. If you go into the room with a pit, you will also die instantly.

However you can sense both wumpus and pits from neighboring rooms, as described below.

Technical details

Server url for the game is

The maze consists of 53 rooms and have 5 pits.

At each move you are told the number of the room where you currently are (under the title of room), and the numbers of adjacent rooms to which you can go (labeled as ways). Every room have exactly 3 ways out and numbers of the rooms are 0-based. Most of the passages between rooms are bi-directional, but not all. Also there could be more than one passage between a pair of rooms.

The exit from the maze is represented by value -1 instead.

You should tell the server a single value - the number of the room where you want to go next (use word move for this).

The server also tells you (in the line labeled sense) whether you feel any danger or not. If the room with a pit is near, you feel draft. In you are close to the room with the Wumpus, you feel its stench.

When you are going to leave the maze, you should also send the number of room containing wumpus (use the word wumpus).

Manual mode

In normal mode you have only 5 seconds for each move. However you can initiate the game in manual or debug mode if you start it adding property manual (with any value) to your request.

In manual mode the maze has only 37 rooms and 3 pits.

However you will not get the victory token in this mode after winning the game.

Input data will give you the authentication token - and you need to submit the victory token as an Answer.

Example of dialogue with server:

You:                        Server:

token: <your-token>         room: 12
manual: true                ways: 7 16 33
                            sense: safe

token: <your-token>         room: 7
move: 7                     ways: 1 25 13
                            sense: draft

token: <your-token>         room: 13
move: 13                    ways: 36 1 -1
                            sense: draft stench

token: <your-token>         end: game is lost
move: -1                    message: You crawled out of the maze, but in manual mode...
wumpus: 36

Note that due to stochastic nature of initial layout sometimes maze could be too hard or impossible to solve. Feel free to restart in such case.

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