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Id Title Solved Blessing
1Sum "A+B"43121.00
2Sum in Loop26691.83
3Sums in Loop20152.32
4Minimum of Two17342.58
5Minimum of Three15782.75
15Maximum of array14272.92
7Fahrenheit to Celsius11503.29
20Vowel Count10413.47
41Median of Three9373.65
28Body Mass Index9013.72
43Dice Rolling8693.78
13Weighted sum of digits7664.00
16Average of an array7274.09
11Sum of digits7204.11
17Array Checksum6384.32
21Array Counters5944.44
48Collatz Sequence5624.54
14Modular Calculator5504.57
27Bubble Sort5094.71
67Fibonacci Sequence4085.09
12Modulo and time difference4055.11
26Greatest Common Divisor3895.17
24Neumann's Random Generator3795.22
29Sort with Indexes3505.36
57Smoothing the Weather3475.37
32Josephus Problem3035.61
81Bit Count2795.75
23Bubble in Array2675.83
61Prime Numbers Generation2555.91
34Binary Search2056.28
128Combinations Counting1946.38
120Selection Sort1636.68
121Insertion Sort1207.21
134Flying Text Screensaver1197.22
156Luhn Algorithm787.95