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Already solved ones are at the bottom of the table.

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Id Title Translations Solved Blessing
7Fahrenheit to CelsiusDE ES AR ZH RO RU71293.12
11Sum of digitsES RU54203.60
28Body Mass IndexDE ZH RU50343.73
13Weighted sum of digitsES RU46923.85
43Dice RollingDE ZH RU45383.91
16Average of an arrayES RU44473.94
17Array ChecksumES RU40784.09
48Collatz SequenceRU34484.39
14Modular CalculatorES31514.54
26Greatest Common DivisorRU26804.82
18Square RootES RU23175.08
24Neumann's Random GeneratorDE RU21585.20
67Fibonacci SequenceRU21155.23
57Smoothing the WeatherRU20095.32
52Pythagorean TheoremRU19755.35
25Linear Congruential GeneratorRU16695.65
44Double Dice RollRU16175.70
22Two PrintersRU11926.23
42Blackjack Counting10456.46
156Luhn Algorithm4337.99
181Reverse Polish Notation2488.95
143Extended Euclidean Algorithm1639.68
189Dynamic Web Page1549.78
109Lucky Tickets9610.59
174Calculation of Pi9110.68
173Chords of Music8210.86
148Public Key Cryptography Intro6511.26
184Matches Picking6411.28
179Look and Say binary5011.71
196Fibonacci Randomizer4611.85
149Prime Chains3312.41