Points of rating

In the ranking table our Brethren and Sistren (our users) are arranged by their Enlightenment which is calculated as the sum of Blessing awarded for solving problems.

Blessing depends on how many people solved the problem. Roughly speaking, problem which is solved by 10 times less users will give you 4 points more blessing.

You can see in the task list that different tasks have different Blessing - ones which are solved by many people give less profit and others which are rarely solved - they are priced higher.

Enlightenment and Blessing are updated each 5 minutes (not immediately after anyone solved the task).

Moreover it is important to understand that your Enlightenment could change in future, because other brethren solve more tasks and Blessing for each task you already solved will not be constant.


"Authority" shown in the ranking table is simply the count of votes (or kudos) gained by the user for his solutions. It does not increase Enlightenment, but if two user share the same place (with equal score), one with greater authority is displayed first.


To make user's achievements more evident, special ranks are given to them, based on the number of solved tasks.

This system is currently under development and right now we have the following ranks:

Obviously Ranks do not strictly correlate with Enlightenment, since people could solve less tasks but for greater Blessing.

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