Intel 4004 emulator

This is a demo page for Intel 4004 emulator written in Python, which you can download and play with its console version (which have some additional features compared to this online version).

We have short tutorial on Assembly for i4004 and usage of this emulator.
Programming problems for assembly language could be found by tag "assembly"

Here should be Textarea Input:


Size: 0, Cycles: 0

Note about Input: if you enter 16 digits here (e.g. 16 zeroes as by default) they are treated not as console input, but as initial values for 16 registers, from r0 to r15. Consequently instead of output you also will get states of these registers after program finished execution.

If you instead enter anything other (like empty string or John Doe) in the input box - it would be treated as data to be passed to console input - so if your program reads from console, it will be able to process these data. In such case output also is formed of data printed out by your program.