CodeAbbey is completely free to use by everyone, from any place on earth. My personal belief is that education should be as free as possible. :)

I invest my time into this site by my own free will - and mainly because I myself like solving problems. And all small expences of running the site I am able to bear easily enough thanks to my general occupation as a java developer for some outsourcing company. The site itself does not generate income (the ads you see mainly serve tracking purpose - they usually do not yield more than $1 per month).

Nevertheless, if you really want to express your gratitude by supporting CodeAbbey with money - you are welcome. Your donation will help paying for hosting, sending out printed copies of certificates, occasional designer jobs and other similar matters. So feel free to contact me - and we'll discuss most suitable way of money transfer (like PayPal or other). Be sure not to spend too much - I think, a sum from $10 to $50 is usually enough :)

In return I would be glad to put your name in list of benefactors below - and also to grant you a certificate of special type (currently its design is in process).

List of Benefactors

  1. Jesse Clark
  2. Jude Andre