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Id Title Translations Solved Blessing
11Sum of digitsES RU51243.59
13Weighted sum of digitsES RU44893.82
17Array ChecksumES RU39004.07
12Modulo and time differenceES RU30704.48
14Modular CalculatorES30164.52
26Greatest Common DivisorRU25574.80
24Neumann's Random GeneratorDE RU20635.17
25Linear Congruential GeneratorRU15885.63
69Fibonacci Divisibility6987.06
145Modular Exponentiation2748.68
71Fibonacci Divisibility Advanced1879.34
143Extended Euclidean Algorithm1569.65
144Modular Inverse9810.45
152RSA Cryptography6711.10
148Public Key Cryptography Intro6411.18
196Fibonacci Randomizer4611.75