Note that you can solve most task in any order!
Already solved ones are at the bottom of the table.

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Id Title Translations Solved Blessing
87Tree Builder2818.73
64Maze Pathfinder2269.11
79Cycles Detection1869.45
83Graph Generator1819.50
65Transitive Closure on Candy States1589.73
154Breadth First Search12510.13
84Dijkstra in the Network12010.20
155Depth First Search11110.34
161Topological Sorting10310.47
151Word Ladders8210.86
164Page Rank7610.99
102Travelling Salesman5811.45
112Travelling Salesman Inverted4811.77
202Dancing Pairs4811.77
166Page Rank as Eigenvector3812.17
107Knight's Tour3712.22
193Maximum Flow3612.26
205Clustering the Stars3012.57
178Maze of the Wumpus1813.42