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Already solved ones are at the bottom of the table.

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Id Title Translations Solved Blessing
48Collatz SequenceRU34524.39
27Bubble SortRU29004.69
26Greatest Common DivisorRU26864.82
18Square RootES RU23205.08
24Neumann's Random GeneratorDE RU21615.20
67Fibonacci SequenceRU21185.23
31Rotate StringRU20915.26
52Pythagorean TheoremRU19765.36
32Josephus ProblemRU17535.56
35Savings Calculator16805.64
19Matching BracketsES RU15665.76
47Caesar Shift Cipher15185.81
128Combinations Counting11056.36
34Binary Search9786.58
120Selection Sort9226.68
121Insertion Sort6117.39
56Life is Simple3358.43
181Reverse Polish Notation2498.95
170Binary Search in Array12210.18
123Knapsack of Integers9910.54
109Lucky Tickets9610.59
174Calculation of Pi9110.68
138Huffman Coding8710.76
151Word Ladders8210.86
137Shannon-Fano Coding7511.02
102Travelling Salesman5811.46
159Hard Life5011.71
177Nim Game4911.74
202Dancing Pairs4811.78
142LZ77 decompression4012.09
107Knight's Tour3712.22
193Maximum Flow3612.27
203Tic-Tac-Toe Minimax Algorithm3612.27