Note that you can solve most task in any order!
Already solved ones are at the bottom of the table.

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Id Title Translations Solved Blessing
30Reverse StringRU37774.12
21Array CountersES RU37054.16
27Bubble SortRU27774.66
29Sort with IndexesRU23224.97
23Bubble in ArrayRU22205.05
31Rotate StringRU19845.24
61Prime Numbers GenerationRU12646.03
58Card Names12496.05
59Bulls and Cows11416.20
120Selection Sort8746.67
121Insertion Sort5777.39
134Flying Text Screensaver5497.47
75Yacht or Dice Poker5317.53
56Life is Simple3168.43
40Paths in the Grid2958.55
60Sweet Harvest2358.94
91Game of 20482209.06
64Maze Pathfinder2179.08
170Binary Search in Array12010.10
96Snake Arcade11510.18
146Color Cubes8510.70
173Chords of Music7610.89
124Knapsack Backtracking5911.32