Life is Simple Problem 56 --- Cant find why 6 organisms at first turn

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LotvinSergey     2016-09-07 18:55:26
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Hello! Let's have a look at the example for the task. Why there is 6 in the first step?

Here is picture of my reasoning

And also, in the very first example with 3 "X" the "X" in the middle why did't die? That middle "X" circled only by two neighbours, one on the left and the second on the right. Why is it alive after first turn?

Well, looks like found out: any organism which have less than 2 or more than 3 neighbors will die (not passing to next turn);

that means - have you 2 or 3 neighbour, OK, you will go to next turn

at the same in each empty cell, which is surrounded by exactly 3 neighbor organisms, a new one is born.

but for born the new one 3 neighbour must be around.

andry_vin     2016-12-22 09:06:24

Hello, in your task (picture): X(4,1) not die. He have 2 neighbors.

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