Problem 117 Divide by Two

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Valerii Reheda     2016-06-29 11:17:32
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I've gotten a message "For test with input '14' the answer '7 0' was wanted" after sending my answer. But if I paste '14' to the input box I get '7 0' as expected. So, as I see, something going wrong...

Can you check it please ?

Quandray     2016-06-29 17:47:49
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I tried your code using 14 as input, and it printed something (hex 0E) before the '7 0'

Valerii Reheda     2016-06-29 18:31:54
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Thanks you for your response. I've rewritten the code and now it works.

Thanks one more time!

piotrkocik90     2016-12-14 21:03:19

Hello, right now I've got the same issue. I answered properly for '13' my program gave '6 1' and it was wrong... Could you look into this please?

Quandray     2016-12-15 07:48:12
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This problem has to be solved using the Brainfuck++ language. Your submission doesn't use that language.

piotrkocik90     2016-12-15 17:37:20

hmmn ok then sorry for a trouble and thank you for fast reply :)

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