Say 100 Broken?

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bluknite     2017-01-10 07:29:10

Hi folks,

It looks like the interactive endpoints are broken (e.g.: Problem 176 - Say 100). Any chance of getting them up and running again?

I've been having an awesome time going through the Problems, and would really hate to see some unfinished :)

Thanks for setting this up!

blue_meeny     2017-11-13 15:50:31

Still broken. cannot use redirect page either. :-(

mattj_bi     2017-11-17 07:04:40

Yes I would really like to see this fixed too! The endpoints have been down for many months now...Is there any timeframe on if/when we can get this fixed?

mykola_kozlenko     2017-11-19 09:31:00

It seems that codeabbey project does not exist at sourgeforge at all :(

mr.scapegrace     2017-11-23 07:51:07
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So, all 4 interactive problems are unsolvable?

sgmr29     2017-11-25 15:30:30

Still broken.

Quandray     2017-11-25 16:17:00
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Sorry, there's no chance of anything being fixed unless Rodion returns, and nobody has heard from him for many months.

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